Serenity Cleanings:Harmonize your living space.

Enter a realm of extraordinary peace, harmony and cleanliness. A place that’s graciously conducive to your “nothing can stop me now” lifestyle. This is your refuge and safe haven. Escape into the wonderful world of your new eco-sanctuary™. We get the most out of your space by using the sensation from essential oils in our all-natural products and eco-sanctuary aromatherapy.


Living Room - Energize

Your living room is cleaned using notes of basil, apricot leaves, parsley, and eucalyptus whose combination perks up the senses and energizes the space in which you entertain guests and lounge.


Bedrooms - Relieve Fatigue

Your bedrooms are cleaned with the aim to soothe and tranquialize using notes of Lavender which is believed to reduce your stress and fatigue in the space you go to recharge your mind and body.


Bathroom- Peace of Mind

Your bathroom is cleaned using notes of Geranium, which has been utilized for centuries to ease the mind, creating a blissful bathroom aura.


Kitchen- Invigorate

Your kitchen is cleaned using notes of Lemon, Lemongrass, Peppermint, Clover to leave a citrus refreshing aura that invigorates your kitchen and encourages that healthy cooking experience to commence.



We care about your air, so we use Eco-Aromatherapy™ and diffuse essential oil from rose and jasmine to purify your home’s air and fill it with the fresh floral sensation associated with sensuality, modesty, grace and elegance.


Note: All cleanings can be adjusted dependent on individual needs.

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