Eco-Urban Cleaning:   ------You live in the middle of LA. You have better things to do.

Eco-Urban Cleanings are specially designed for urbanites that live in Downtown L.A. residences. Amenities abound in the center of Los Angeles, and an Eco-Urban Cleaning gives you an exquisite green cleaning experience performed at the highest level.


I Love L.A.


There are hundreds of stories unfolding just outside your window. Be a part of them.

Delegate your cleaning so that you can enjoy more of the city life that you love.


Greener Living at a GREAT price:

You get the best green cleaning in L.A for just $70.00 an hour (two cleaners).

Our average Rejuvenation Cleaning (first deep clean) leaves your place spotless from top to bottom and takes 2 hours and costs just $140.

Our average recurring clean takes just 1 hour and 30 minutes and costs just $105.

Choose your mood:
No day is exactly the same when living in Downtown L.A. We allow you to adjust accordingly by choosing your scent and the essence that comes with it. Choose from:

Lavender- Relieves stress and fatigue for those extra long days.
Rosemary- Improves your memory and concentration for when you're working on something big.
Basil- Energizes the space for when you're in a celebratory mood.
Geranium- Gives you peace of mind for when you are searching for that ease and comfort.


You get 15% off:


As if living in DTLA wasn't cool enough you may be able to get 15% off your green cleanings. To check participating DTLA residences  check here.


Note: All cleanings can be adjusted dependent on individual needs.

For a complete list of what Eco-Urban Cleanings cover click here.


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